A major construction project can feel like scaling a mountain. Consider Monique your trusty guide: she’ll lead your organization up those steep cliffs until you reach the summit. With a strong background in conceptual estimating, pre-construction management and project management, Monique can provide valuable input in the early stages of project planning and support your team through the entire construction process. Here’s what you can count on with Rivet as your partner:

From start to finish — and in between.

Clients often call Monique before they’ve hired their architect and contractor. But sometimes organizations new to major construction projects try to handle a project in-house before they realize it’s more than they can manage on top of their daily workload. Whatever your situation, Monique can take the stress out of a major building project and help you avoid costly mistakes.

An understanding of how nonprofits work.

Nonprofits and other community-focused organizations can be more complex than your typical privately owned business — they often have different priorities, various funding sources, multiple stakeholders and more. Monique is skilled at navigating the complexities of these multilayered projects while keeping your mission front and center.

An extension of your team.

With the average construction project spanning two years, the right fit is key. Monique is adept at infusing herself into a client’s team and representing your organization like it’s her own. In fact, Monique often gets to know clients so well that many have turned into good friends.

Transparency is a must.

Trust is vital to a project’s success. You can count on Monique to be straightforward and ready to ask the hard questions and give honest answers.

Committed to your success.

Monique excels at fostering collaborative and positive teams. While construction projects can sometimes run into unexpected bumps, her goal is to look out for your organization’s best interests while also ensuring that everyone involved reaches their goals and considers the project a success. She’s known for being hard-working and fiercely dedicated to her clients.

A long-term outlook.

Monique understands how important it is to be a wise steward of resources, and she’s always looking for opportunities to reduce a building’s impact on the environment and your organization’s bottom line. She can offer insights on sustainable building practices that are not only good for the planet, but that also reduce your operational costs.

Pre-construction services

  • Comprehensive budget planning and preparation
  • Prepare master project development schedule
  • Facilitate architect and contractor selection process
  • Design phase participation and budget oversight
  • Operational expense projections
  • Manage communication/feedback between multiple stakeholders

Construction-phase services

  • Bid review
  • Coordination of owner’s fixtures, furnishings and equipment
  • Financial monitoring, management and reporting
  • Change management
  • Schedule monitoring and reporting
  • Review draw requests
  • Provide monthly project status reporting for management team/board
  • Occupancy planning support
  • Oversight of project close-out

Rivet’s work in action

Urban Ecology Center
Sherman Phoenix
Three Bridges Park

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