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"Menomonee Valley Partners (MVP) is the lead non-profit entity coordinating the redevelopment of Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley. For more than 10 years, we have worked with the public and private sectors on a range of projects that support economic, ecological and community development goals. MVP retained Rivet LLC to serve as a project manager and owner's representative on a multi-million, multi-party effort to expand the Hank Aaron State Trail. Monique has been a tremendous asset to this effort and without her, MVP wouldn't have the capacity to undertake this important work. We depend on her to manage budget, design and construction details and ensure all parties involved have the information they need to make timely and well thought-out decisions. With project partners that include WisDOT, WDNR, City of Milwaukee, Redevelopment Authority, Urban Ecology Center and MVP - coordination and communication is key to maintain a strong working team and meet the time and budget goals. Monique offers a great set of skills and knowledge, and has a way of making complex construction projects fun!"

Laura Bray
Executive Director
Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc.

Menomonee Valley - From the Ground Up

Transforming a 24 acre brown field into an amazing public space for generations to enjoy takes the tremendous partnership of many dedicated stakeholders, including Menomonee Valley Partners (MVP), WI-DOT, WI-DNR, the City of Milwaukee - Redevelopment Authority, DPW, and The Urban Ecology Center. This $26M project includes a six mile extension of the Hank Aaron State Trail, connects near south side neighborhoods to the Menomonee Valley through a series of three bicycle/pedestrian bridges, and will provide access to the river and a 24 acre native landscape restoration - all in the heart of Milwaukee's historic industrial corridor. Rivet, LLC is honored to serve as MVP's owner representative for this exciting and significant transformation. Services include coordinating stakeholder input, budget and schedule management, design team coordination, and monitoring construction activities.

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Monique on two occasions and couldn't be happier with the results. She offers years of experience and exudes an obvious passion for her work. It is very refreshing to find a business professional who is truly committed to the nonprofit sector. Monique cares about our community and is willing to do what it takes to see us succeed. Whether your project is large or small, you can feel confident with Monique at the helm."

Jenni Sevenich
Progressive Community Health Center

Progressive Community Health Center

Progressive Community Health Center provides critical health care services to those in Milwaukee's neighborhoods who would otherwise find these services inaccessible. In an effort to meet the significant and rising need for health care service, Progressive is planning a new clinic located at 35th and Lisbon in Milwaukee. As the Owner Representative for this vital project Rivet, LLC assisted WHA in selecting the architect and construction manager, collaborated in preparing HRSA grant applications, prepared and monitored the master project budget, and participated in design meetings.

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"Monique's commitment to sustainability, non-profit organizations and the community is the real deal. I highly recommend her to any organization that requires a sincere, strong partner to represent them for their project. Having her on my team has been a constant source of reassurance. She is an incredible value for the contributions she makes, and she is also just a genuinely good person through and through."

Juli Kaufmann
Fix Development, LLC

Milwaukee Fix, LLC

The Milwaukee Fix development embodies sustainability. From the funding, a unique model of social investing, to the local / independently owned tenants, the project exemplifies the power of sustainability in our community. Guidelines for the building design are modeled by the Living Building Challenge, a leading edge certification program that seeks to minimize the impact of buildings on the environment through a philosophy of restorative principles, focusing on seven core performance areas. Rivet, LLC is excited to be the owner's representative on this pivotal project.

+ Testimonials
"Monique brings years of construction & budgeting experience, a true commitment to sustainability and a passion for improving the community to every project. She is an excellent communicator and has the unique ability to work well with all members of the team. You won't find a more trustworthy and effective partner. We have been fortunate to have Monique involved with multiple construction projects at the Urban Ecology Center - I can't imagine undertaking one without her."

Judy Krause
Director of Finance and Operations
Urban Ecology Center

Urban Ecology Center - Menomonee Valley Branch

The Urban Ecology Center is a nationally recognized environmental community center with two existing locations in Milwaukee County parks, locally serving the city's north and east side. Monique Charlier of Rivet, LLC is a board member of UEC, providing volunteer services to the staff and building committee as they plan a third branch in the Menomonee Valley to serve the near south side. The new branch building design will convert a 100 year old tavern for this renewed purpose, pushing the envelope on reuse of the existing structure and reclaimed materials in its construction. The new center's location, adjacent to the 24 acre restored site in the Menomonee Valley, provides immediate access to an outdoor learning laboratory for the public.

Olga Village and United Community Center - Senior Center

Rivet, LLC was retained to provide support to the HACM project management team for these two projects. Olga Village is a 37 unit affordable senior housing development which pushes sustainability through the use of a geothermal HVAC system, an extensive green roof, solar thermal heating, and the use of low VOC and regional materials. Olga Village has been submitted to the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED certification, the awarded level is pending final review.

The Senior Center will expand the services UCC currently offer to seniors in an environmentally sensitive, bi-lingual and culturally diverse atmosphere. This building also includes a geothermal HVAC system, green roof and low impact materials.


Westlawn Revitalization

HACM is currently undertaking the revitalization of their largest existing development, Westlawn, on Milwaukee's northwest side. Phase I of the project consists of two apartment buildings and town homes totaling approximately 275 units on a 28 acre site. HACM is utilizing Green Communities and LEED Neighborhood Development criteria as their basis of design for the project. The project will incorporate geothermal HVAC systems, integrated storm water management strategies and other sustainable features. Rivet, LLC has been retained to provide support to the project management team.

Other Representative Projects


IFF is a community development financial institution which exclusively serves non-profits in low income communities throughout the Midwest, securing financing and providing comprehensive real estate consulting services. Rivet, LLC has been retained by IFF on a number of charter school projects in Milwaukee to provide preliminary facility assessments and cost estimating services in the early stages of project development.

Kinnickinnic River Flood Management Project - Deconstruction Project Management

The goal of Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage Districts Kinnickinnic River Flood Management project, to restore the natural flood storage function of the flood plain by returning the affected areas to a more natural state, will require the removal of eighty three houses that have been subjected to flooding for over 15 years. Rather than demolish the homes and place massive amounts of materials into the landfill, MMSD has made a commitment to minimize the impact of the removal of these homes by deconstructing them. Through the process of deconstruction, 85% of the debris will be diverted from landfills and either reused or recycled. The project presents opportunities for workforce training in this emerging field. Rivet, LLC and its team have been hired to assist MMSD in the project management which includes creating a work plan, preparing the bid documents, tracking waste diversion, and documenting activities on site.

+ Testimonials
"While there were a few others that were equally critical in this inspiring project, it was Monique's amazing accuracy with her cost estimations, her firm hand on the subcontractors, her total commitment to the green philosophies... her creative approaches to solving problems, her deep list of contacts, her efficient organizational skills and her ability to keep us all to a deadline that made this project a success. Monique works from a position of high integrity, is honest to the core, navigates her male-dominated field with grace and most importantly is just a lot of fun to work with. I recommend working with Monique without reservation."

Ken Leinbach
Executive Director
Urban Ecology Center

Urban Ecology Center

This project was built by CMA of Milwaukee, Inc. While working for CMA, Monique Charlier served as the Senior Project Manager, and was responsible for assuring the successful completion of the project.

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

This project was built by CMA of Milwaukee, Inc. While working for CMA, Monique Charlier served as the Senior Project Manager on the project and was responsible for assuring the successful completion of the project. The project was awarded a Gold LEED rating, the first project in the state of Wisconsin to achieve this rating.

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